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Sarti, Sithonia, Chalkidiki (Halkidiki), Greece


Sarti in Halkidiki is among the most wanted travel destinations on the Sithonia peninsula.

Sarti, a small fishermen and farming village which belongs to the municipality of Toroni, is located on the east side of Sithonia, between Vourvourou and Sikia.

The distance to Thessaloniki is approximately 142 km and distance to the Airport of Thessaloniki is 130 km. See for exact location of Sarti also the map of Halkidiki.

History of Sarti
In the Byzantine era the land was called Sartis and it belonged to the Holy Monastery of Xiropotamos of Mount Athos. Greek refugees who came from Afisia (Minor Asia) inhabited the settlement in 1922. Some of the picturesque refugee houses are still preserved in the old village and are visible until today.

About Sarti
Nowadays the village is a holiday settlement and it has approximately 900 inhabitants. But during the summer months Sarti attracts thousands of tourists.

When arriving at Sarti you will have a stunning look on the village. You can see the enormous beach with a crystal blue sea in front of Sarti and impressive green mountains surrounding the village.

When entering the village you will feel immediately that you've entered a small cosmopolitan tourist resort; Small streets full of rented rooms, hotels and apartment buildings, numerous souvenir and tourist shops, different traditional food shops, supermarkets, taverns, bars, restaurants and a lot of tourists.

At the promenade at the seaside you will find many taverns and restaurants, giving you a magnificent view at the sea, the Mount Athos peninsula and on a clear day you can see some of the famous monasteries across the bay.

Camping's in Sarti
Apart from the hotels and numerous of rooms to let and apartment houses, there are also some known camping grounds in the surroundings of Sarti, equipped with all the necessary facilities and with beautiful beaches that are certainly worth a visit.

Sarti Curiosities
If you have a chance visit the dependency of the Monastery of Xiropotamos in Sarti: At least 70 families who came from Minor Asia in 1922 were given a refuge in the dependency. Some of them were staying there for more than two years.

If your visit concurs with the "Dekapentavgousto" (means "August 15th") on 15th of August, you will have the opportunity to enjoy yourself at the traditional fair honoring Virgin Mary (Panagia).

Nightlife in Sarti is well developed. In the village there are enough clubs and bars. Close to the village you will find the most famous beach bars of Sithonia which give
you a magnificent view on the Holy Mountain at sunrise. Sarti in Sithonia is definitely the place to be!

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